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Dr. Kasia is simply the best!  I've seen her many times and she always spends the most time to get the best results.  As a tennis player and active person, there are always aches and pains that need attention.

Wayne S., Los Gatos, CA

I was having various leg, knee, back and shoulder pains from overuse while training.  My wife who sees Kasia regularly recommended her.   I've always been skeptical of chiropractic medicine but I was amazed when Dr. Kasia was able to fix me.  She is very genuine, very knowledgeable, and very passionate about her work.  I no longer hesitate to call her when I'm in pain and my usual routine of working out and stretching doesn't fix it.

Manny H., San Jose, CA

10 years and going strong as a patient of Dr. Kasia.  With my busy schedule as a professional in the bay area, Dr. Kasia will always adjust her schedule to find time to fit me in.  I know if I am not feeling well she will always make time to help me.  She is genuinely concerned for my health and well being.  It is rare to find such a caring doctor who is so passionate about her work and helping others!

Yvonne W., Santa Clara, CA

I was referred to Dr. Kasia by a co-worker over 2 years ago, and have been seeing her ever since twice a month, sometimes more often.  My co-worker and her husband have been seeing her way longer, and lover her.  I was never a  fan of chiropractic until I started seeing Dr. Kasia after an injury.  She has almost always seen me on time, and on occassion, when I was in really bad shape, she spent extra time to fix me.  All her regular patients are familiar with her practice to not rush a patient off if they need more treatment, and understand if they are taken a few minutes late because she had to spend a little extra time with the patient before.  She'll even come in on her day off if you need her to.  Yesterday, she didn't have a patient after me, and she treated me for an hour when the appointment was only supposed to be 30 minutes, and she did not charge me any extra.  She has a great positive attitude, and an awesome bedside manner.  I highly recommend her!  She is a very talented medical professional, and truly cares for her patients.

Elaine C., Sunnyvale, CA

I have been with Dr. Kasia for ten years now.  I have to say my life wouldn't run as smoothly as it does without her.  She truly has been my saving grace.  Without her care over the years I don't think I could have truly functioned at 100%.  She truly has been a blessing, she was referred by a friend of my mother's.  I'd have to say that over the years I've referred at least 20 of my friends.  She isn't just a chiropractor, with her doing acu-pressure and nutrition as well, she's a well balanced and caring care giver.  I am grateful for the services she has provided to me over the years and honestly don't know what I'd do without her.

Tammy P., San Jose, CA

First of all.. I want to say that Dr. Kasia is a fair DOCTOR!!!  She takes could care of all her patients. She is the best DOCTOR!!  I can say this because I have been with her for more 2 years.  She is always there for me when I'm down, don't feel good, and she is always ready to listen when I needed someone to talk to.  Of course NO ONE IS PERFECT COME ON!!  ONLY GOD IS PERFECT!!  I really appreciate Dr. Kasia!!  To all of you who does not think that she is good then... you should think twice or more.  Going to see Dr. Kasia every visit, I feel good.  I see lots of people that has stuff on their hands, arms and elbows, but being a patient of Dr. Kasia, I don't have to wear anything because SHE IS GOOD!!!  MAY GOD BLESS DR. KASIA AND ALWAYS GUIDES HER!

Jean A., San Jose, CA